CLASS DATE: 11/03/2019 TEACHERS: Vanaja patti, Chandran Thatha,  Surabhi aunty, Mona aunty, Bhuvana aunty
SUMMARY: Practice for Swami’s birthday ATTENDANCE: 19/27

Prayers: 3 Oms, Gayatri

Main topics: We are going to do a program for Swami’s birthday. Most of our class time was spent in practicing our dance, song and our lines. We invited our parents to see our practice. In between Patti talked about Swami: Where He was born, How helpful Swami was when He was young. She told us that Swami wants everyone to be Happy. Swami loves to see smiling faces. Swami is Happy when we are Happy.

 Life application/Home work:   Listen to your skit with your parents and practice your dance and your song. 

Note to Parents from parents discussion group:  Find at least 1 task on the list and do a training with your child this week. Have fun and enjoy building their self -confidence.