CLASS DATE: 04/14/2019 TEACHERS: Vanaja patti, Chandran Thatha, Vasanthi aunty, Surabhi aunty

Prayers: 3 Oms, Gayatri

Main topics:  To day patti showed us how we can practice Go Green in our daily lives. She brought lots of stuff to show. She asked us to use regular cloth bags for shopping instead of getting plastic bags. She told us not to use paper plates, plastic spoons, plastic water bottles when we go for picnic or any Sai Center activities. . Instead we can take reusable plates or compartment stainless steel containers with lid, steel spoons and forks, cloth napkin and reusable water bottles. She asked us to use wash cloths instead of paper towels. We learnt that straws are very bad for the environment.  Instead we can buy stainless steel straws.

Kids were educating each other by saying when we throw plastic on the street, animals can eat and get choked. Also people are throwing paper products, water bottles in the garbage and the garbage is piling up like a mountain.

Rest of the time we were practicing for Easwaramma Day.  

Life application/Home work:  Remember to take water bottles this week wherever you go. 

Note to Parents: Practical ways to protect the environment:  Do not use plastic, Carry own bags for grocery shopping. Make your family event/parties go green, Bring Go Green Kit in all Sai events.