CLASS DATE: 09/20/2020

TEACHERS:  Patti, Saideepa, Thatha  Bhuvana,  



SUMMARY:  Spend the day w/love by helping others ATTENDANCE: 20

Started the class by chanting Gayatri Mantra. Swami says  ‘God is love, live in love’. Swami also says: ‘start the day w/love, spend the day w/love’. Thatha suggested through role play w/patti that we can love God by chanting Gayatri mantra when we start the day. Saideepa aunty narrated a story of how Swami spent His days with love by helping His grandfather. After the story we talked about our own grandparents, how we can share our love with them. Patti read a book ‘The Giving Tree’ by Shel Silverstein. From this story we learnt how a tree spends his days with love by helping us in so many different ways. Bhuvana aunty taught us a new Devi Bhajan.  Bhuvana aunty’s husband Arun uncle showed us beautifully how we can clap with the bhajan. In between we played a couple of games.


Started the class with Gayatri Mantra. Pranav anna came to teach us Origami and we learnt to make a paper boat. Swami says ‘God is Love, God is in all of us’. Patti told us that we have to be happy all the time if God is in us and make others h appy because God is in everyone. We learnt this lesson through role play by Thatha & patti,   by reading a book ‘ Things that make me Happy’ by Sarah Mazor, and  by singing a happy song with Saideepa aunty. Sharanya aunty showed us how we can make snack with happy faces.


 We started our class this year with Swami’s teachings. Swami says ‘God is Love, God is in all of us’. Patti told us that we should love ourselves because God is in us. We should be proud of ourselves who we are, what we are and have confidence that God will take care of us wherever we are. All the teachers planned fun activities for us: Lakshmi aunty taught us a  Ganesh bhajan, Bhuvana aunty played a game, Sharanya aunty played a game with artwork, Saideepa aunty showed us to dance with a song, Patti read a story. It was a fun day and we are all happy to start our Pre-SSE class this year.