CLASS DATE: 03//2020

TEACHERS:  Patti, Saideepa, Thatha  Bhuvana,  Lakshmi, Ganesh, Sharanya




Last three weeks we are having our Pre-SSE classes virtually because of the Corona Virus issues. We are divided into two groups and having the classes on Saturday and Sunday. We are also doing virtual story time on Wednesdays at 5:30p.m. with all the kids. Below is the summary of each class:

March 28/29: Theme: Fear. We are scared of this virus. Patti reassured us by saying that Swami is everywhere, He is within us, He will take care of us. On top of that our parents are there to take care of us. We don’t have to be scared of anything. Every class we are chanting Gayatri three times led by Bhuvana aunty, Lakshmi aunty, or Saideepa aunty at the beginning. Disha aunty did Yoga with us for ten minutes. Patti read a book “Little Quack” where we heard how mother duck takes care of her duckling when they get scared. Saideepa aunty invited Akshara Akka to play her Veena and Vishu Anna to play his tabla while she sang ‘Jaya Guru Omkara’. Sharanya aunty did art work and showed us how to draw a scary face. 

March 21st/22nd: Theme: Listening. We are all home now. Patti asked us to be good listeners to our mom and dad. The book she read was ‘The Very Quiet Cricket’. Saideepa aunty and Lakshmi aunty taught us one English Ganesh bhajan. Sharanya aunty showed us how to draw a ladybug. We drew our own ladybug by listening to her. At the end we acted like different animals by listening to patti’s story. 

March 15th: Theme: Anger management. We are all staying home because of Corona virus. We cannot go to school, or play with our friends. Hence we may  get angry sometimes at home. Patti talked to us about this virus and we can get sick if we go out. She showed us how to calm down whenever we feel angry and asked us to talk to our mom and dad when something  bothers us. She read a book ‘Chocolate Covered Cookie Tantrum’ where we saw a mother helping her daughter when she was getting angry.  We also practiced a bhajan and did some artwork.