Study circle Summary : ‘Attachment-Detachment’-Part 2

Swami emphasizes that detachment does not mean renouncing responsibilities or obligations, but rather maintaining a sense of inner detachment while fulfilling one’s duties.

Practicing detachment involves realizing that all actions should be performed selflessly, without expectation of rewards or recognition. One should focus on the quality and sincerity of their actions rather than becoming attached to the outcomes or results.

Regarding attachment with duty, Swami asks us to perform our duties with utmost dedication and devotion. He stressed the importance of fulfilling responsibilities sincerely and efficiently, considering them as acts of service to others and expressions of love.

By performing duties as an offering for the welfare and upliftment of others, one can cultivate attachment towards fulfilling their roles in society.

Swami asks us to cultivate discrimination (Viveka) in order to prioritize duty over personal desires or attachments. He encourages us to develop a clear understanding of what is truly important in life and make conscious choices aligned with higher values.

Overall, striking a balance between detached action and responsible fulfillment of duties with attachment and approaching them as opportunities for selfless service and spiritual growth.