SSSE group1

CLASS  DATE: 23/1/2021

TEACHER(S): Aruna, Sunitha, Resmi , Sharanya 

         Value: Love

      Kindness to the community

 Attendance: 33/40

We began  with three AUMs. Chanted Sai Gayathri and Devi shloka. 

Children sang the bhajan-  ‘“Gopala Radhe Krishna” :

 We have been talking about kindness in the last several months, starting with family, friends and then extending to community and also animals around us. Extending the thought, today we talked about a great leader who worked with love and kindness to get equality and justice to the entire country from the discrimination that people faced. The great leader is Nelson Mandela, who believed that solution to all the problems even the big problem like discrimination of people based on skin color can be solved by kindness and compassion. His life was a great example of that and even more that he was able to be kind to people even though they were not kind to him. A story about him after he became a President was shared. He was sitting with his officials at a restaurant and saw a person sitting by himself. He was so kind to ask to join them at the table. The man did not speak a word and was trembling as he ate. Later, he disclosed to his officers that that was man who was the jailor when he was in prison. He had not treated him well, but in spite of that he was able to show his kindness even to those who were not kind to him. A great trait to have and we are reminded of Swami’s saying – Love all, serve all.

Children shared their own thoughts of how we can be kind to our friends/classmates. We should not be treating people differently just because they are different from us. Each one of us are unique and are special in our own way!

We had great presentations from children on their observation/practice of kindness through stories thatthey have read/heard/self created

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Life application

Please talk to children about what we learnt in class today and share your own stories. In addition, discuss as a family how we can be kind to people around us – starting with family and then neighborhood/community.

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