Interest Groups

The objective of the interest groups is to create more opportunities for personal development and to build stronger connections and synergies in small group settings. Anyone interested in any of the groups is welcome to join!  

Takeaways from GoGreen Study Circle

  • There’s a lot of pollution caused due to plastics
  • Some facts :
    • there has been more than 50% of the plastics that has been ever produced, has been after the year 2000.
    • 50% plastics produced are oe time plastics
    • 10 million tons of plastic debris reaches the marine life every year
    • It takes 500 – 1000 years to degrade plastics
    • Only 14% of plastic is recycled
  • How can we help save the environment
    • Start small – Make small lifestyle changes, some suggestions below
    • plastic bags for shopping – >  use reusable
    • plastic cutlery -> usual metal cutlery 
    • disposable food containers -> reusable containers
    • plastic straws -> metal straws
    • disposable water bottles -> your own water bottles
    • plastic cling wraps -> DIY cloth wraps made of bees wax
    • wipes -> plant based wipes
    • normal plastic tooth brushes -> Woden toothbrushes
    • repurpose old toys
  • DIY Recipes for cleaning products
    • General cleaning
      • 2 cups distilled white vinegar
      • 2 cups water
      • 1-2 drops of essential citrus oil
    • Hand Dish washing
      • 1 cup sal suds
      • 1 cup boiled and cooled water
      • 1 tsp baking soda
    • Toilet bowl cleaner
      • Spritz vinegar thoroughly into bowl
      • Wait for a few minutes
      • Sprinkle baking soda inside bowl
      • Scrub and flush
    • glass cleaner
      • 3 cups water
      • 1 cup distilled white vinegar
      • Use microfiber cloth
  • Learn about Local zero waste stores/orgainizations
  • Learn and explore bulk food stores
  • learn more about recycling


Veda Chanting Group

The purpose of this group is to pray for World Peace by Rudram chanting. Rudram is chanted eleven times  followed by Chamakam and Aarti. This group meets monthly on Saturday mornings with a rotation of the venue. Point of contact: Ganesh Balasubramanian


Phyllis Crystal Method

This group practices the tools given to Phyllis Crystal to liberate oneself from all sources of false security. This method, blessed by Sathya Sai Baba, enables a person to become an independent and whole human being, relying only on the inner source of security and wisdom which is available within all of us. This group meets biweekly on Friday evenings with a rotation of the venue.  Point of contact: Vani Sistla


Go Green Group

This group focuses on green initiatives to save our planet, both by creating awareness and through practical application within our Sai Center and community. This group meets every other month or as needed with a rotation of the venue. Point of contact: Nirmala Kamath

The Go Green initiative is working on connecting nature with God. Following are some of the current initiatives.

  • Create awareness among the Sai community and the community at large.
  • Try to initiate practical ideas to implement
    • we have implemented Go green kits,reusable water bottles in the center.
    • Encouraging people to avoid plastic straws completely
    • Using reusable serve ware at Sai functions as well at the free health care day
    • Giving Go green tips in the Sai newsletter to practise in our daily lives.
  • We meet as needed to discuss DIY projects
    • around natural cleaning supplies 
    • making bees wax wraps .
  • We share articles that are relevant to our initiatives.

Namasmarana Group

This group focuses on methods and best practices to unceasingly recite the name of God. Sathya Sai Baba advises that this is the best way to achieve liberation in this age. “Engage yourselves in repeating the Name of the Lord whatever other business you may be doing. Let the Name be the permanent background for all your activities.” Ref: SSS Vol VI Ch 56, p.277-278.


Please be advised that these groups normally have their meetings and activities at devotees’ homes and therefore, the Sai Center does not take responsibility for the specific format and content of the meetings. Please email if you need the contact information of a RSC Interest Group leader.