CLASS  DATE:    03/03/2024

TEACHER(S): Nalini, Gangadher, Sravanti, Aneesha
Topic: Life is a game Play it – Personality Development   Attendance: 20
Sairam dear parents

Please find the class notes, we had brother Ravi talk to students about Leadership skills with many real world examples
– Who is a leader- lead by example
– What is leadership- raising above self interest
– Different types of leadership
– Why few considered as leaders failed later- lack of ethics & morals
– He took examples for Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Few contemporary Company CEO’s to discuss further about leading by Force vs leading by example
– ⁠Qualities of good leader- proactive, inspire, self driven, good communication skills, responsible, trustworthy, confident
– ⁠Swami (our Guide, Guru, God) leading by example with emphasis on self improvement
– Who is True leader- one who aligns with the source within and operate from a place beyond self interest.

Brother will share his own personal experiences with Swami, guidance & grace that he received from Swami, this Sunday on 3/10.