CLASS DATE: 02/18/2024 TEACHERS:    Lakshmi, Bhuvana, Radhika, Hima 
SUMMARY:  Valentine’s Day ATTENDANCE: 
Class was started with 3 Om and Gayathri.
Next was ‘Swami in our heart’ by Lakshmi Aunty. We all closed our eyes and visited Swami in our hearts. They hugged Swami and invited him to join us for the Pre SSSE class.
Next did the discussion on Valentine’s Day.
We discussed what is Valentine’s Day?
This is a day we show love to everyone. God is Love.
Swami will be happy when love all.
Swami says we should,
Start the day is love
Spend the day with love
End the day with love
How do we show love to everyone?
How do we start the day with love?
How do we fill the day with love?
How do we end the day with love?
Children came up with so many ways for it.
– by being kind
– by being nice
– by helping each other
– by sharing
– by listening
– by giving a hug
– ⁠by cleaning up the toys after we play

After this Bhuvana Aunty taught them the bhajan
‘Love is my form’
Then for art and craft time Sreevidya Aunty came and taught the children to make a flower. Children also had fun drawing a heart and coloring it.
It was time for a short snack break.
Following this Lakshmi Aunty read the book ‘My best friend’
Activity of the Week:
Give mom and dad a big hug before going to bed.