CLASS DATE: 01/23/2022 TEACHERS: Patti  Mona, Saideepa,Bhuvana
SUMMARY: To be Dear to God by talking  sweetly and softly ATTENDANCE: 15

We started the class with 3 Oms and Gayatri. We visited Swami in our heart and invited Him to our class. Today we learnt from our teachers how we can be near and dear to Swami by talking sweetly and softly. We learnt three magical words: Please, Thank you, and Sorry. Saideepa aunty showed us through a puppet show  and an action song how and when we can use these magical words. Bhuvana aunty asked us a quiz on these magical words. Mona aunty talked to us about how Swami always talked sweetly and softly with others. Patti read a book ‘Words are not for hurting’. We practiced our Shiva bhajan. For artwork, we drew a flower, a heart, and a happy face on a tree. Activity for this week: We will continue drawing a flower, a heart, or a happy face whenever we use the three magical words at home. Next week we can show our tree to our teachers. 


01/23/2022:  Overview  from Parents Discussion Group:                                            Rules within a household are important as training. Parents should be good role models in following all house rules. Healthy habits within a family setting will help with healthy habits outside. Children have to be given chores and responsibilities to become more self reliant. Encourage our children to help at home. Honesty has to be reinforced at home and a sense of bribery has to be discouraged.

Choose a new rule for your household as a New Year resolution and have all family members follow it. .