CLASS DATE: 09/19/2021 TEACHERS: Patti, Lakshmi, Saideepa, Bhuvana, Mona

 How God helps us through ‘Sun’


We started the class with 3 Oms and Gayatri. We all talked to our teachers about the activities that we did with our parents from last week’s class lesson plan. After that Lakshmi aunty asked us to close our eyes and told us to play our favorite game with  Swami who is sitting in our hearts. It made Swami as well as us very happy. Saideepa aunty talked to us about how the sun helps all the creatures on earth through a beautiful power point presentation. Bhuvana aunty practiced the bhajan that we have learnt last week. She also sang and danced with a song on Sun. Patti read a story on ‘Sunflower’. Lakshmi aunty taught us how to draw a sunflower. Mona aunty played a game on clothes that we wear in summer and winter. Teachers gave us an activity based on our theme which we will be doing with our parents this week and let the teachers know next week how it went.