Introduction to Study Circle

Sathya Sai Baba tells us that the spiritual growth of a person is best achieved through an integrated practice of devotion, study, and service. The study circle carries many benefits to participants. The primary benefit is the acquisition of Self-knowledge.
Swami says:

It is not just reading books. Circle, study circle means taking a point and each person discussing what is the meaning of the point to them—like a round table conference. Each person gives his point of view, and finally values are derived from this. If there is just reading, there is doubt, but if each one gives his view, doubts will be answered. The topic is viewed; the study circle looks at different facets. It is like a diamond with its different facets, but there is one facet that is flat, the top facet, and from this all can be viewed. To discover the top facet is the task [purpose] of study circle”.

At Raleigh Sai Center the study circle facilitator gently encourages the participating members to express their view of the presented material. Each participant is given an opportunity to speak without fear of contradiction all along aiming for as Swami has guided us to enjoy study circle by reading, reflection and regular application in daily life.