CLASS DATE: 01/23/2022
TEACHERS:  Hitha, Jagruti And Deepthi 
“Selfless Love”
Summary of the class:Selfless love – Service – Selfless service
We started our class with Omkara 3 times and our activities – Chanting of Gayatri Mantra, reading out its meaning, and Jyothi Meditation.  It was a wonderful class with teams presenting and performing on their stories, morals, and Swami’s teachings. 
What is service?Action of helping or doing helping for someone
What is selfless service?Selfless Service or Seva is a service which is performed without any expectation of result or award for the person performing it.
Today’s class summary:
We had a chance to have three beak-out rooms and participate in the activity of discussing.
Q-What is the difference between Chore/ Duty / Service?
Q-Why we should do Service?
It was a great discussion and participation from students. After the discussion, we have divided the students into three groups and given them a beautiful topics to research on the selfless services rendered by these organizations
As Swami always says service starts from home. So, we have given them the topics from home to school to community to country and and  the world. Please, refer the what’s app parent group for the group and students assigned.
 We had Chance to watch this beautiful video of selfless service
Swami quote: Help Ever, Hurt never
Individually each student shared and wrote their affirmation for the day.
Life Application:
Selfless Service  –  Community
Food drive for Inter-faith Food Shuttle, Durham by Group 3 SSE Students every month
(Non-Perishable Food Items), Drop the at Brother Param’s place:
Address: 719 McRae Rd, Cary
Sairam parents!
Here is the info for our first session on Harmonious Homes – Human Value Parenting session. We will be having a discussion on the first 3 sections , till page 7 – Objective, Life of Sai, Beginning of Bal Vikas. Kindly read the material before the session to have an effective session and exchange of thoughts.
Date and Time : 28th January, Friday , 8:30 p.m
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 314 343 3732
Passcode: 832641
Please, see the whats app parent group for the notes.
Closing prayers: The class was concluded by chanting three times “Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu” and Shanti”- May all the beings in all worlds be happy and peaceful.If you have any questions feel free to approach any of the teachers. Looking forward to our next class.
Sai Ram
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