General Announcements

  • A) Jan. 2022 Fresh Fruit brown bag service to Cumberland county seniors: Sairam, Please use the link below to sign up for our monthly Fresh Fruit brown bag service to support Cumberland county council of older adults in Fayetteville . Please drop off fruits  by  Sunday January 30th, 2022 by 12 pm at 719 McRae Rd, Cary.

    B) SSSVVIE – Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini Inclusive Education Project: 

    Sairam Sisters and Brothers, By the Divine Grace of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust has launched Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini Inclusive Education Project on the auspicious occasion of Sankranti, the 14th of Jan 2022. You can participate in this seva with your time, skills and efforts from the comfort of your own homes as this is a digital yagna. To participate, please fill in the volunteer enrollment form by visiting the link:   Or email at:

    If you missed watching the launch program live and would like to know more about the Inclusive Education Project or wish to relive those divine moments, please visit:

    Jan 14, 2022 | Morning |Vidya Vahini Program and Sankranthi Divine Discourse | Prasanthi Nilayam 

    C) No In-person bhajans in January 2022 Sairam Due to COVID related surge we are hosting bhajans and study circle programs virtually in January.  Kindly look for a separate announcement for link on bhajans and study circle for each week.  Study circle will be from 10 AM to 11 AM followed by bhajans from 11 AM to 12 Noon.  

    Meeting ID: 846 2248 1038
    Pass code to be emailed separately
    D) Harmonius  Homes – Human values parenting sessions:  With Swami’s grace we are excited to announce the launch of this series by the National SSSSE team.  Sessions will be held monthly every 4th Friday from 8:30 PM till 9:30 PM via zoom.  Kindly block your calendar while specifics on the zoom link and materials are sent by email.    The first session will be on Friday the 28th January from 8:30 PM.

    RSC Library:

    • The Vahinis Online, written by Sri Sathya Sai Baba
    • See list of books available. If you would like to borrow a book, please contact Prabhakar at or text 919-561-3465, listing the name(s) of the Book(s) interested in borrowing and the time and date you would like to pick up. Address: 1961 Weaver Forest Way, Morrisville. Anyone wishing to return a currently borrowed book, can drop off the book at the front door box. Please write your full name on a piece paper and put it in back of the book. Sairam! 

    Power of Prayer
    It is good to remember Swami’s guidance to remain calm in all situations. We need to follow the guidance of our national and local medical and infectious disease experts. We should remember that prayers are very powerful. The Sai Gayatri mantra as well as the Gayatri mantra is being chanted by Sai devotees around the world for the welfare of humanity. Let us all be united and pray with intensity as often as possible. This is an important spiritual practice which can alleviate this global health threat due to the Coronavirus.  


  • Sai Center Activities Schedule

    Study Circle and Weekly Bhajans on Zoom on Saturdays in January

    • Study Circle from 10:00 am to 11:00 am (Current Topic: “The Spiritual behind the Ritual”)
    • Bhajans from 11:00 am to Noon
    • Zoom Information

    Raleigh Sai Center is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: Weekly Study Circle and Bhajans
    Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 846 2248 1038
    Passcode: Sairam
    One tap mobile
    +16465588656,,84622481038#,,,,*314066# US (New York)
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  • Bhajan of the week

    Deity: Sai
    Raag: Gowri Manohari / Patdeep

    Taal: 8 Beat / Keherwa / Adi



    Sai Prem Dey Shanthi Dey Ananda Dey Sai Prem Dey
    Tum Ho Baba Daya Ke Sagar
    Tum Ho Guna Mandira Nata Naagar
    Adi Anantha Hey Sathya Sanathana
    Alakh Niranjana Sai Janardhana
    Satchidananda Prabho Krupa Karo
    Prem Dey Shanthi Dey Anand Dey Sai Prem Dey (Sai)
     O Lord Sai! We pray to thee to grant us peace, happiness and love. You are an ocean of grace and mercy who possesses all good and pure qualities. Your form is infinite, eternal truth, with no beginning or end. You are beyond the perception of senses, always supremely pure. O Sai, uplifter of humanity, You are Satchidananda – Existence, Consciousness and Divine bliss. Shower Your compassion on us.

    Audio Link:



  • RSC Service Activities
     Jan. 2022 Fresh Fruit brown bag service to Cumberland county seniors:
           Use the link below to sign up for our monthly Fresh Fruit brown bag service to support Cumberland county council of older adults in Fayetteville . Please drop off fruits  by  Sunday January 30th, 2022 by 12 pm at 719 McRae Rd, Cary.
    Update on Holiday Gifts for Children in need at REX Hospitals and Lincoln Community Health Center:
    Thank you for participating in Holiday gifts service projects for REX hospitals and Lincoln Community health center. Gifts have been delivered on Tuesday Dec 21st at both facilities. Happy Holidays!
    Update on November month service projects:
     With Swami’s Grace, during the month of Swami’s birthday, successfully completed the following service projects with our members support. Thank you for all the members who participated in these service projects. 
    1. Household and personal hygiene support for Refugee and Immigrants moved recently to RTP area.
    2. Puzzle/word books and Hygiene kits for Cumberland county seniors.
    3. Raleigh Men’s shelter monthly breakfast service.
    4. Monthly fresh fruit brown bag service to support Cumberland county seniors.

    Below are some of the pictures related to above service projects. Thank you all for the volunteers who supported these projects. 



      To participate in active service projects, please see list below.
    Service name and Date/time Service Activity Details Locations & Sign up
    IFC Sunday Food Service (Every alternate Sunday)   Preparing Dinner at Volunteer homes & Dropping it off at Inter-Faith Council for Social Service(IFC) at Carrboro, NC by 1 PM

     IFC address: 100 W. Main St. Carrboro, NC

    Please click here to sign up for Sunday.

    IFC Thursday Food Service (Every Thursday) Preparing Dinner at Volunteer homes & Dropping it off at Inter-Faith Council for Social Service(IFC) at Carrboro, NC by 3 PM.

    IFC address: 100 W. Main St. Carrboro, NC

    Please click here  to sign up for Thursday.

    SAI Tutoring Program


    Volunteers provide weekly one to one tutoring via Zoom to an underserved elementary school student from the Durham Public School district. The focus is on ELA and math enrichment and also providing mentorship.


    NOTE: Please contact if you are interested in getting involved.

    Growing Sai’s Love – Garden project


    RSC’s pilot program Growing Sai’s Love to help our Sai Community members get more self-reliant by learning to grow their own fresh, healthy vegetables, fruits, flowers, in their backyard. Members can also use these for service and center activities.


    NOTE: Please contact service coordinator if you would like to participate in this service.

    Raleigh Men’s shelter Breakfast service – Supplies


    Monthly Breakfast service on 3rd Saturday to support Raleigh Men’s Shelter. Please drop off items at 719 McRae Rd, Cary on 3rd Friday of the month by 7pm so volunteers can deliver supplies at the shelter on Saturday morning.



    NOTE: Due to COVID, at this time we are only supplying materials/ingredients.

    Recycling project

    Recycling project that involves used batteries, medication(s), small electronics and bulbs.  NOTEPlease contact service coordinator if you would like to participate in this service.

    Pediatric Clinic Food Distribution Project


    This bi-weekly project involves distributing grocery bags to Lincoln Community Health Center Pediatric Clinic’s families in need. Any identified family visiting the pediatric clinic who is facing food insecurity will be given a grocery bag filled with dry/canned goods as well as a list of local food resources in the Durham area.


    Signup sheet has instructions and Grocery list

     Food drive for Inter-faith Food Shuttle, Durham by Group 3 SSE Students every month  Group 3 SSE students form leads in their communities and conduct food drive. Please contact Group 3 teachers for more information.

    Collected food will be delivered during first week of every month at 

     Inter-faith Food Shuttle

    2436 S. Miami Blvd, Suite 200-9

    Durham, NC


  • Pre-SSSE

    CLASS DATE: 01/23/2022 TEACHERS: Patti  Mona, Saideepa,Bhuvana
    SUMMARY: To be Dear to God by talking  sweetly and softly ATTENDANCE: 15

    We started the class with 3 Oms and Gayatri. We visited Swami in our heart and invited Him to our class. Today we learnt from our teachers how we can be near and dear to Swami by talking sweetly and softly. We learnt three magical words: Please, Thank you, and Sorry. Saideepa aunty showed us through a puppet show  and an action song how and when we can use these magical words. Bhuvana aunty asked us a quiz on these magical words. Mona aunty talked to us about how Swami always talked sweetly and softly with others. Patti read a book ‘Words are not for hurting’. We practiced our Shiva bhajan. For artwork, we drew a flower, a heart, and a happy face on a tree. Activity for this week: We will continue drawing a flower, a heart, or a happy face whenever we use the three magical words at home. Next week we can show our tree to our teachers. 


    01/23/2022:  Overview  from Parents Discussion Group:                                            Rules within a household are important as training. Parents should be good role models in following all house rules. Healthy habits within a family setting will help with healthy habits outside. Children have to be given chores and responsibilities to become more self reliant. Encourage our children to help at home. Honesty has to be reinforced at home and a sense of bribery has to be discouraged.

    Choose a new rule for your household as a New Year resolution and have all family members follow it. . 

  • SSSE group1

    CLASS  DATE: 23/1/2021

    TEACHER(S): Aruna, Sunitha, Resmi , Sharanya 

             Value: Love

          Kindness to the community

     Attendance: 33/40

    We began  with three AUMs. Chanted Sai Gayathri and Devi shloka. 

    Children sang the bhajan-  ‘“Gopala Radhe Krishna” :

     We have been talking about kindness in the last several months, starting with family, friends and then extending to community and also animals around us. Extending the thought, today we talked about a great leader who worked with love and kindness to get equality and justice to the entire country from the discrimination that people faced. The great leader is Nelson Mandela, who believed that solution to all the problems even the big problem like discrimination of people based on skin color can be solved by kindness and compassion. His life was a great example of that and even more that he was able to be kind to people even though they were not kind to him. A story about him after he became a President was shared. He was sitting with his officials at a restaurant and saw a person sitting by himself. He was so kind to ask to join them at the table. The man did not speak a word and was trembling as he ate. Later, he disclosed to his officers that that was man who was the jailor when he was in prison. He had not treated him well, but in spite of that he was able to show his kindness even to those who were not kind to him. A great trait to have and we are reminded of Swami’s saying – Love all, serve all.

    Children shared their own thoughts of how we can be kind to our friends/classmates. We should not be treating people differently just because they are different from us. Each one of us are unique and are special in our own way!

    We had great presentations from children on their observation/practice of kindness through stories thatthey have read/heard/self created

    References :


    Life application

    Please talk to children about what we learnt in class today and share your own stories. In addition, discuss as a family how we can be kind to people around us – starting with family and then neighborhood/community.

    Click Here for Previous Class Notes

  • SSSE-Group2

    CLASS DATE: 01/23/2022
    TEACHERS:  Hitha, Jagruti And Deepthi 
    “Selfless Love”
    ATTENDANCE: 31/34
    Summary of the class:Selfless love – Service – Selfless service
    We started our class with Omkara 3 times and our activities – Chanting of Gayatri Mantra, reading out its meaning, and Jyothi Meditation.  It was a wonderful class with teams presenting and performing on their stories, morals, and Swami’s teachings. 
    What is service?Action of helping or doing helping for someone
    What is selfless service?Selfless Service or Seva is a service which is performed without any expectation of result or award for the person performing it.
    Today’s class summary:
    We had a chance to have three beak-out rooms and participate in the activity of discussing.
    Q-What is the difference between Chore/ Duty / Service?
    Q-Why we should do Service?
    It was a great discussion and participation from students. After the discussion, we have divided the students into three groups and given them a beautiful topics to research on the selfless services rendered by these organizations
    As Swami always says service starts from home. So, we have given them the topics from home to school to community to country and and  the world. Please, refer the what’s app parent group for the group and students assigned.
     We had Chance to watch this beautiful video of selfless service
    Swami quote: Help Ever, Hurt never
    Individually each student shared and wrote their affirmation for the day.
    Life Application:
    Selfless Service  –  Community
    Food drive for Inter-faith Food Shuttle, Durham by Group 3 SSE Students every month
    (Non-Perishable Food Items), Drop the at Brother Param’s place:
    Address: 719 McRae Rd, Cary
    Sairam parents!
    Here is the info for our first session on Harmonious Homes – Human Value Parenting session. We will be having a discussion on the first 3 sections , till page 7 – Objective, Life of Sai, Beginning of Bal Vikas. Kindly read the material before the session to have an effective session and exchange of thoughts.
    Date and Time : 28th January, Friday , 8:30 p.m
    Join Zoom Meeting:
    Meeting ID: 314 343 3732
    Passcode: 832641
    Please, see the whats app parent group for the notes.
    Closing prayers: The class was concluded by chanting three times “Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu” and Shanti”- May all the beings in all worlds be happy and peaceful.If you have any questions feel free to approach any of the teachers. Looking forward to our next class.
    Sai Ram
    Click Here for Previous Class Notes


  • SSSE-Group3

    CLASS DATE: 01/22/2022

    TEACHER(S):  Nalini, Gangadhar

    SUMMARY:  Social Conformity


    Today in our class,  Kaavya Raman presented on topic “Social Conformity”. We learnt about positive and negative influences of social conformity. 5Ds (Duty, Devotion, Discipline, Determination, Discrimination) can help us find out if it is a positive or a negative influence. We learnt about some examples and ABC of life (Avoid Bad Company). Then we broke out into different rooms to discuss conformity at home, school and friends.  Please see the presentation for more details. Sairam


  • SSSE-Group4


    CLASS DATE: January 23rd, 2022

    TEACHER(S):  Mouli, Nirmala Aunty, Yadavan, Sai Y.

    Group 4 SSSE Class for 2021-2022 Year



    Main topic:

    SaiRam, in the January 23rd SSSE Group 4 class (17 Group Students attended) we focused on completing Swami’s mansion of life discussion by building off of earlier Self Confidence discussions and today reviewed in a interactive workshop format Self Satisfaction and Self Sacrifice.

    We discussed Swami’s 5 attributes of Self Sacrifice including –> Contentment, Equanimity, Peace, Gratitude & Omnipresence.   We then asked G4 students to describe what Self Sacrifice meant to them as well as how to delineate between Self Sacrifice and Complacency.   Then, after discussing Swami’s perspectives on Self sacrifice, we asked G4 students to describe examples of how to balance Self Sacrifice with Self Prioritization.

    We also discussed 4 service project opportunities over the next 2 months –> Cary Tree Archive, Elderberry sapling plantings, Morrisville Storm water drain markings, Music Program compilation for local senior centers and Animal shelter volunteering opportunities.  

    Thanks, and JAI SAI RAM!


    Note to Parents:

    Sairam Parents –

    Group 4 will continue to do virtual classes and our next class will be on Sunday, February 6th at 3:30pm.    Subsequent dates for Group 4 classes this SSSE year are Feb 6, Feb 20, Mar 6, Mar 20, Apr 10 and Apr 24.  Thanks.

    -Group 4 Gurus

    Jai Sai Ram!



Young Adults (YA) Updates




    We will chant and energize beads using the power of Gayathri Mantra, make them into bracelets and offer it to people in need like hospital patients and people in senior care homes.

    Steps to follow:



Seniors Corner

  • Seniors group (NEW!):

    The Senior Group along with the members of the HSNC Senior Club are conducting a Winter Seva Project at the HSNC every Saturday at 2:00 – 4:00 pm. The project involves stitching hats, scarves, and blankets for men and women and those are being distributed to the homeless in the triangle area as well as in other locations. 
    Some members of the Senior Group are meeting virtually on Thursday afternoons at 3:00 pm to discuss the application of Swami’s messages in their everyday lives. If you are interested in participating in the virtual meetings, please contact the Senior Group at

Interest Groups Updates

Regional Update


    From: Axay Kalathia
    Sent: Monday, January 17, 2022 9:40 PM
    To: arunasuvendran@rogers.comKrishna RamoutarBalu Karanam
    Subject: Copyright Clarification

    Sai Ram Dear National Presidents,

    Please forward the following clarification to members:

    Sai Ram Dear Sai Family, 

    Since forwarding the announcement from the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, of which the Sri Sathya Sai Media Center is a division, regarding the public notice on copyrights published on the 12th of January 2022, we have received many questions.  The following are frequently asked questions:

     Why was this action taken?

      • Protection of the integrity of the presentation of Swami’s life, works, and teachings is an important obligation. The Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, via its Media Center is the most appropriate entity in the world to take responsibility for this task.
    • Can you provide examples of inappropriate use of material?
      • Editing clips of Swami’s videos, and/or discourses and presenting them out of context to distort the message being conveyed
      • Individuals and outside groups monetarily profiting from Swami’s material
      • Downloading material and then reloading onto a private site and claiming ownership
      • Outside groups/individuals claiming copyright and causing legitimate Sri Sathya Sai Global Council programs to be taken down on multiple occasions
      • Threats of legal action against SSSGC centers for use of discourse, musical programs, devotional songs 
    • Our center wants to have access to this material to spread joy and love to devotees, how can we gain access?
      • Fill out this registration form which we will review and help facilitate clearance for your center moving forward
    • What about private or governmental TV and radio stations that provide segments on spirituality and wish to use the material?
      • They can send an email to our Zonal Media Chair stating their request and for what purpose the material will be used and then given clearance.
    • How can anyone claim a copyright on Swami’s material, isn’t it meant for all of humanity?
      • The intent of the copyright is to prevent misuse, not use. Those individuals and organizations that agree to use the material in a legitimate manner, without distortion of the message and mission of Sri Sathya Sai Baba and His organizations will be granted full access. Swami’s teachings are of course freely available to all.  The Sri Sathya Sai Media Center always has and will continue to offer high quality inspirational programs freely available to all. All of Swami’s writings and discourses are freely available on line.

     If you have any further questions, please request your center presidents to communicate with your regional or national president. Questions can also be directly sent to our Zonal Media Committee. 

    In the Service of Sai,

    Dr. Axay Shanti Kalathia

    SSSGC Zone 1, Chair

    B) International Medical camp at Prasanthi Nilayam from July 10 to 13th of 2022:

    Sai Ram Dear All,

    With Swami’s grace, the SSSGC is blessed with an opportunity to conduct an International Medical camp at Prasanthi Nilayam from July 10 to 13th of 2022.

    Please fill out the following form if you are a medical professional and willing to participate in the medical camp: 

    Sai Ram,
    Dr. Geetha Kamath
    Chair, SSSGC Zone 1 Medical Committee

Media Repository

  • The media repository for all past events is now available in our main page under this link. If you need the password, please email

Sai Center Officers

  • Officer Role
    Email Address
    Senthil Kumar
    Gopal Somu
    Education (SSSE) Co-ordinator
    Aruna Shankar
    Devotional Co-ordinator
    Shubha Nagaraj
    Service Co-ordinator
    Param Dasana
    YA Co-ordinator
    Sayee Shruti Manickam

    If you have any questions, please email the respective office bearer. Click here to access their phone numbers (password protected). 

Thought for the Week

  • Man has to pay attention to three basic duties in his quest for happiness: (1) He should forget what he has to forget, namely, the world around him and its tantalising pleasures. (2) He has to reach where he has to reach, namely, the goal of the Divine, the Presence of the Almighty and (3) He has to give up what he has to give up, namely, material desires and pursuits. The Vedic prayer Asato ma sat gamaya, Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya, Mrutyor ma amritam gamaya (Lead me from untruth to truth, lead me from darkness to light, lead me from death to immortality) summarizes these aspirations very nicely. Strive to move away from untruth towards truth; attempt to acquire knowledge of yourself and of the origin of all Selves and thus shed your fundamental ignorance. Move away from thoughts and anxieties about this body which is subject to decay and death, and become aware of the Immortal Soul, which you really are!  – Divine Discourse, Mar 17, 1973