CLASS DATE: 11/03/2019

TEACHERS:Hitha Raj, Aditi Verma, Jalaja Peechu

Summary: Emotional self awareness. Emotion: all emotions joy,sad,anger,fear.




This Sunday we had a special event for Group 2 children. This Sunday  was movie day. This movie is related to the emotions aspect of the class. 

After we talked and discussed about all the emotions in the  previous classes we got an opportunity to see the movie “Inside Out” which provides a picture on how can emotions impact us making us reacting verses responding.

students and teachers had so much fun watching the movie and we discussed for few minutes. And ofcourse the Pizza was the highlight. We all enjoyed it.




Life application: children are to  journal at the end of each day reflecting on  how their day was and why?

2. continue respecting  parents and write down 3 chores that you did for this week.











1. We would like all the students to be on time by 3.25pm we are staritng the class by 3.30pm.

Class room door closes at 3.30pm.

If any students come late they have to wait outside the door till we finish prayers and meditation.

2. As a parent your responsibility to check the home work ( life application ) which we give them to follow through the week.

Once you as a parent commit to the follow up with your kids the results are impactful.

3. Treat this spiritual learning as a beautiful foundation to your kids who are the future generations of leaders.

Swami has given us the opportunity to be the part of this huge responsibility. Let’s stand up to build this great future leaders.