CLASS DATE: 03/10/2019

TEACHERS:Hitha Raj, Aditi Jain, Jalaja peechu

Summary: unity of Faiths




class started with 3om’s ,Gayatri mantra and may pole meditation.

students shared what they practiced last week. They continued doing their beds and chores.

We saw a video of various festivals celebrated in Prashanthi Nilayam. It showed how people from different faiths and from different countries come to prashanthi nilayam and celebrate their festivals. 

We brainstormed on how to incorporate  the students ideas into Easwaramma day skit. we came up with the high level flow of the skit. 




Bhajans: we practiced two bhajans with sister Kripa.


1.Finish  and submit Sai Samarpan article.

2. Work on the script for Easwaramma day.

Life application: Practice doing  Gayatri Mantra daily. Students also can do prayers  what their family does. 

Practice communicating with  God. They can talk, write, sing … God. Come share with us how you communicated with God and how this helps you.

Continue doing their beds and chores.




All the students are encouraged to finish and submit Sai Samarpan article.

we will be having a call on wednesday and thursday from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm to discuss about the Easwaramma day skit. Students interested in sharing the ideas can join the call.



1. We would like all the students to be on time by 3.25pm we are staritng the class by 3.30pm.

Class room door closes at 3.30pm.

If any students come late they have to wait outside the door till we finish prayers and meditation.

2. As a parent your responsibility to check the home work ( life application ) which we give them to follow through the week.

Once you as a parent commit to the follow up with your kids the results are impactful.

3. Treat this spiritual learning as a beautiful foundation to your kids who are the future generations of leaders.

Swami has given us the opportunity to be the part of this huge responsibility. Let’s stand up to build this great future leaders.