CLASS DATE: 1/10/2021

TEACHERS:Hitha Raj, Senthil Kumar



JANUARY 1OTH, 2021 :



              – “PATH TOWARDS PEACE”


Attendance: 26

OM, Gayathri Manthra, Light Meditation

Life Application follow up on A) Anger journal B) Use light meditation to overcome anger through love C) See God in everyone


Robert Loses his temper

 I need to …  Others need to…

 Life application

  • Peaceful song – express with your own creativity (tune it, rap it, color it, express it the way you feel)
  • See God in Everyone

Swami’s quotes:

The desire and anger in man – one is death itself. For the tree, ‘anger’ is an enemy like the root pest. There is another pest bothering the tree, the termites and that is anger. Anger and jealousy together destroy the tree of human life. Today, every man has lots of anger. Affliction by anger leads to many differences. When differences crop up, one only sees hatred everywhere. In daily news one finds the manifestations of anger, jealously and hatred in various forms. Anger and jealousy are the greatest enemies of mankind. There are many planets. Out of those, only two planets are said to be harmful–the planet of ‘anger’ and the planet of ‘desire’. Humanity is ruined because of these two planets. Desires cause more danger to man. Desires must be there, but they must exist under a limit. One must not foster limitless desires. In one moment one is angered, the next moment one feels love- these momentary anger and love are not true. These are the bad qualities that result from man’s habits and the food he eats. One must set a time for everything.


Closing prayers



 Attendance: 22

 OM, Gayathri Manthra, Light Meditation

 Life Application follow up on being aware of challenges and writing down if you react or respond over the week

 6 virtues (Faith/confidence; Daring/determination; Courage; Intelligence; Energy; Valor)

6 Vices (Desire; Anger; Greed; Fascination; Pride; Envy)

 Anger – Strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure or hostility

Peace – Freedom from disturbance of mind

 Watch Video:

 Activity: Watch yourself when you are smiling and angry on a mirror

Life application for holidays:

  • Watch angry birds 1 & 2 movies
  • Watch inside out movie
  • Be aware of your anger, write a journal of when, how, where and who angered you
  • What were the consequences of your anger
  • Did you address if so how
  • Light meditation to spread the light of love to your self and the other person
  • See God in everyone


 Closing prayers




Attendance: 23

OM, Gayathri Manthra, Light Meditation

Life Application follow up from our 3 week break – Thanks giving and Swami’s birthday celebrations, Group 2 students offering for Swami’s birthday

Discussions on what the words purity, free, cleanliness, contamination mean

Purity is absolute unwavering inner cleanliness free from contamination

Unity between thought, word and deed

Life application – 1) Be aware of your challenges mentioned in the class 2) Note down how you addressed the challenge – did you react or respond?


Closing prayers