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With Bhagwan’s Grace the study circle members reconvened after a long gap, to continue discussing the characteristics of the Mind. Bhagwan’s concept of ” Materialization- Vibration – Radiation” and about 15 different characteristics such as ” Operates through the senses”, “tends to seek  self gain and dwell in the past or the future” “Engages in planning and mental chatter” were discussed. Bhagwan’s concept of “CIA” or ” Constant Integrated Awareness” was introduced. Many examples from Bhagwan’s life and actions were presented to show how He operated from beyond the “Body – Mind”construct. Turning the mind to focus on the Atma, is a major “shift” that we should try to achieve with utmost sincerity.

On the following Sunday, the discussion will focus on ways to “Manage the Mind” through Awareness of the Breath, Cleansing the mind, Turning it toward God. Jai Sai Ram!

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