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1.  SSSE-Group3

CLASS DATE: 12/5/2021

TEACHER(S):  Nalini, Gangadhar

SUMMARY: Student led, topic Gratitude


Today G3 student led the class on topic Gratitude. Presentation link

We discussed about

what is gratitude,

why is it important,

what did Swami say about it,

a bhajan we can think of,

how to practice it.

We also had opportunity to talk about being grateful for our parents, talk softly to convey the message. grateful for human body, 5 senses and use them wisely, grateful for bhajan singing opportunity, so take it when asked.

We all agreed to practice gratitude this week and come back and share tare our experiences in next class.



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2.  SSSE-Group2

CLASS DATE: 12/05/2021 
TEACHERS:  Hitha Raj and Jagrtuthi Mariwalla
“Selfless Love”
Summary of the class:
We started our class with Omkara 3 times and our activities – Chanting of Gayatri Mantra, reading out its meaning, and Jyothi Meditation.  We discussed last week’s life application – Recognising and sharing Selfless love with Parents We then used breakout rooms to discuss 3 different stories about Love, Respect, Obedience, and Service towards Parents – 
  1. Lord Rama’s Story – Love & Respect & Obedience 
  2. Sravan Kumar’s Story – Devotion & Service
  3. Saint Pundalik’s Story – Service & Devotion 
Swami Says: 
” Revere Your Mother and Father As GOD”
Life application:
Together as a group present the story to the class next week
  1. You will have 20 mins to present to all of us
  2. Everyone in the group must participate 
  3. Research,  collaborate, and build your presentation 
Individually each student shared and wrote their affirmation for the day.
Closing prayers: 
The class was concluded by chanting three times “Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu” and Shanti”- May all the beings in all worlds be happy and peaceful.If you have any questions feel free to approach any of the teachers. Looking forward to our next on 5th Dec 2021
Sai Ram
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