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1.  SSSE-Group4


CLASS DATE:  December 5th, 2021

TEACHER(S):  Yadavan, Sai Y, Nirmala Aunty & Mouli

Group 4 SSSE Class for 2021-2022 Year



Main topic:

In the December 5th Group 4 SSSE class, we started with 3 OM’s and a review of other Group 4 programs – SAI Tutoring, and thanked the Group 4 kids (8 total) who signed up for the instrumental musical offering program for Swami’s 96th Birthday Celebration at RSC on Tuesday Nov. 23rd.  Also, Group 4 student Ashvik gave an update on 2 service projects to the rest of the group on Sai Happy Readers and School Attire Initiative which is due by December 23rd.  We had to cancel the Morrisville stream clean up seva project that was scheduled for Saturday Dec. 4th due to lack of Group 4 volunteers.  We needed a minimum of 5 volunteers to move forward.  Nirmala Aunty then discussed a new service project opportunity at the Cary Tree archive in either January or February where we would plant 100 Elderberry sampling trees.  Signup sheet will be distributed at the beginning of January.  We will be signing up for 2 more Women’s Shelter cooking projects in April and May of 2022.  Our hope is that by April/May we will be able to do the seva activity and cook and serve in person.  We then asked for volunteers on a life application sadhana from our workshop on “Self Confidence” conducted in the last class.  We got some good inputs from a few of the Group 4 students who volunteered to give their sadhana description and we concluded with a Swami quote on the topic.  Then, we watched a video to describe the differences between ‘Self Confidence and Arrogance’.   The video highlighted some keys to being self confident without being arrogant by focusing on being a better version of yourself everyday and improve on yourself versus comparing to others.  The Group 4 students gave several good examples for class discussion on specific scenarios where it was important for them to feel good about themselves and what they are good at, and not allow others to bring them down and also to be supportive of their peers.  We  then started an interactive workshop where we asked the Group 4 students to give a description and examples of what their Sai Inspiration and Sai Life Application of what they’ve learned and enjoyed in SSSE and were able to put into practice.  The students gave many good examples like devotional singing, participation in SAI tutoring program, and other service projects.  The Group 4 kids who were not able to present this week on this topic, will be asked to present at our next class.  Our next Group 4 class will be on Sunday, December 19th.  Thanks, and JAI SAI RAM!


Note to Parents:

Sairam Parents –

Group 4 will continue to do virtual classes and our next class will be on Sunday, December 19th at 3:30pm.   Note we are looking to start with in person classes in 2022, specific dates TBD after consultation with RSC officers.   Thanks.

-Group 4 Gurus

Jai Sai Ram!



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